External carotid artery
Internal carotid artery
Facial artery
Lingual artery
Superior thyroid artery
Superior laryngeal artery
Common carotid artery
Vagus nerve (X)
Internal jugular vein
Superior parathyroid gland
Ascending cervical artery
Inferior parathyroid gland
Inferior thyroid artery
Right recurrent laryngeal nerve
Superficial cervical artery
Suprascapular artery
Thyrocervical trunk
Right brachiocephalic vein
Superior laryngeal nerve
Internal branch
External branch
Thyroid gland
(right lobe)
Right subclavian
artery and vein
Brachiocephalic trunk
Right vagus nerve (X)
Superior vena cava
Left vagus nerve (X)
Arch of aorta
Vertebral artery
Inferior thyroid vein
Pharyngeal raphe
Left recurrent laryngeal nerve
Left brachiocephalic vein
Internal thoracic
artery and vein
Left subclavian
artery and vein
Inferior bulb of
internal jugular vein
esophageal muscle
Zone of sparse
muscle fibers
Middle pharyngeal
constrictor muscle
Superior pharyngeal
constrictor muscle
Tip of greater horn
of hyoid bone
Inferior pharyngeal
constrictor muscle
muscle (part of inferior
pharyngeal constrictor)
Circular esophageal
muscle in V-shaped
area of sparse
longitudinal muscle
Plate 78
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