Foramen cecum
Nasal slit
Anterior ethmoidal foramen
Foramina of cribriform plate
Posterior ethmoidal foramen
Optic canal
Superior orbital fissure
Foramen rotundum
Foramen ovale
Foramen spinosum
Sphenoidal emissary foramen (of Vesalius) (inconstant)
Foramen lacerum
Hiatus for
Hiatus for
Internal acoustic meatus
Opening of
vestibular aqueduct
Mastoid foramen (inconstant)
Jugular foramen
Condylar canal (inconstant)
Hypoglossal canal
Foramen magnum
Emissary vein to superior sagittal sinus
Anterior ethmoidal artery, vein,
and nerve
Olfactory nerves
Posterior ethmoidal artery, vein,
and nerve
Optic nerve (II)
Ophthalmic artery
Maxillary nerve (V
Lesser petrosal nerve
Greater petrosal nerve
Endolymphatic duct
Emissary vein (and occasional
branch of occipital artery)
Emissary vein and meningeal branch
of ascending pharyngeal artery
Hypoglossal nerve (XII)
Oculomotor nerve (III)
Trochlear nerve (IV)
Lacrimal, frontal, and nasociliary
branches of ophthalmic nerve (V
Abducent nerve (VI)
Superior ophthalmic vein
Mandibular nerve (V
Accessory meningeal artery
Lesser petrosal nerve
Middle meningeal artery and vein
Meningeal branch of mandibular nerve
Greater petrosal nerve
Medulla oblongata
Vertebral arteries
Meningeal branches of vertebral
Spinal roots of accessory nerves
Inferior petrosal sinus
Glossopharyngeal nerve (IX)
Vagus nerve (X)
Accessory nerve (XI)
Sigmoid sinus
Posterior meningeal artery
Facial nerve (VII)
Vestibulocochlear nerve (VIII)
Labyrinthine artery
Internal carotid artery
Internal carotid nerve plexus
Carotid canal
Plate 11
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