Horizontal section
below lingula of
mandible (superior view)
demonstrating bed
of parotid gland
Orbicularis oris muscle
Buccinator muscle
Buccopharyngeal fascia
Facial artery and vein
Pterygomandibular raphe
Lingual nerve and superior pharyngeal constrictor muscle
Masseter muscle
Palatoglossus muscle in palatoglossal arch
Palatine tonsil
Palatopharyngeus muscle in palatopharyngeal arch
Ramus of mandible
Inferior alveolar artery, vein, and nerve to mylohyoid
Medial pterygoid muscle
Styloglossus muscle
Facial nerve (VII)
Retromandibular vein
External carotid artery
Parotid gland
Stylopharyngeus muscle
Stylohyoid muscle
Sternocleidomastoid muscle
Digastric muscle (posterior belly)
Internal jugular vein, internal carotid artery,
and nerves IX, X, and XII in carotid sheath
Superior cervical sympathetic ganglion
Buccopharyngeal fascia
and retropharyngeal space
Prevertebral fascia
Longus capitis muscle
Superior longitudinal muscle
Vertical and transverse muscles
Inferior longitudinal muscle
Styloglossus muscle
Buccinator muscle
Muscles of facial expression
Hyoglossus muscle
Genioglossus muscle
Sublingual salivary gland
Submandibular duct
Mandibular canal, inferior alveolar artery, vein, and nerve
Lingual nerve
Nerve to mylohyoid
Vena comitans of hypoglossal nerve (to lingual vein)
Lingual artery
Facial artery
Hypoglossal nerve (XII)
Submandibular salivary gland
Submandibular lymph node
Mylohyoid muscle
Facial vein
Intermediate digastric tendon
of tongue
Coronal section posterior
to 1st molar tooth
(anterior view)
beds of sublingual and
submandibular glands
Axis (C2)
Hyoid bone
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